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Developed by the International Law Section as preparation for the International Law Certification exam, this essential resource on international law provides the fundamentals for any lawyer who encounters an international issue in their day-to-day practice.  Covering broad ranges of topics including business transactions, litigation, estate planning, internet cyber law, and more, the volume is an indispensable text for every lawyer and law firm.

Keeping abreast of issues involving international law is challenging and if ignored can have an adverse impact on a client. With this text, an attorney can become familiar with the basics of some of the primary principles involved in international legal matters. It is not an instructional text or how-to manual.

It is a resource that will serve as a starting point for the attorney in preparing to represent the client. Based on this initial premise, this text is directed at three primary audiences:

  1. Florida Lawyers who practice in international law. Currently, there are nearly 1,000 attorneys who are members of the Florida Bar International Law section, indicating that their practice includes international law. This text will serve as a general reference book for current international legal issues in the State of Florida. As such, it will become a ready resource for everyday practice.
  2. Florida international lawyers seeking certification. Florida is the only state that offers certification for lawyers in International Law. This text will serve as a review text for exam preparation.
  3. Florida lawyers generally. Of the 90,000+ attorneys in Florida, nearly all of them at one time or another will be faced with an issue involving international law. This text will introduce them to fundamental concepts involving international issues.

The continued growth of international activity, both business and pleasure, in the State of Florida requires knowledge regarding applicable local, state, and federal as well as international laws. Having a one-volume reference text within reach allows the general practitioner as well as the experienced international practitioner to have a quick reference and a wide range of international legal concepts.

Intended as a reference tool, this text is an overview of current general principles of international law, specifically as applied in the State of Florida. Florida is a key site for international business and a primary destination for many international travelers, both business and leisure. With the large number of international transactions and matters that occur here, attorneys need to be informed about international legal issues. The average practitioner may not have the requisite experience to adequately address international legal issues. The international legal practitioner usually focuses his or her practice in one area and may not have the broad knowledge to address the myriad issues that will come through their law office doors. This text is designed to provide the standard broad-based knowledge needed by all these groups.

This is the first edition and is expected to have both supplements and revised editions in coming years. Future topics may include international aspects of immigration, taxation, environmental law, family law, ethics, and more. If you have ideas on how to improve this text and what future editions should include, please contact the International Law Section through The Florida Bar.