The World Arbitration and Mediation Review (WAMR) is pleased to announce a call for submissions of academic, professional and policy oriented contributions regarding the global and domestic dimensions of arbitration and mediation.  WAMR’s editorial staff is particularly interested in accepting articles, commentaries and reviews focused on contemporary developments, policy and academic debates, cases, recent legislation, theoretical and practical challenges related to the worldwide regulation and use of arbitration and mediation, and the field of dispute resolution in general.
Submissions will be considered on a rolling basis, and shall conform to the following editorial guidelines:
  • We prefer original manuscripts (not previously published) but may under exceptional circumstances consider accepting revisions, abridgments or works originally published in other languages, as long as the author owns the copyright. Co-authored works are also welcomed.
  • We only accept the following types of works:
(10,000-20,000 words)
(3,500-7,000 words)
(1,500 to 2,500 words)
Scholarly works on domestic or international arbitration and mediation that develop an argument, analyze a legal issue, and offer a contribution to the field.  May be based on empirical data, documentary evidence or any other sources.
Remarks, annotations or interpretations of a legal case, a domestic or international court judgment, arbitral award, new or proposed legislation, treaty or other international agreement, or policy related to domestic or international arbitration and mediation.
Appraisal and critique or commentary of a recently published (within the 12 months prior to submission) book, blog, documentary or other media related to domestic or international arbitration and mediation.
  • We only accept works written in English, with double-spaced text and single-spaced footnotes conforming to The Bluebook, A Uniform System of Citation (
  • Footnotes should be numbered consecutively, using the footnote function in Microsoft Word® so that if any footnotes are added or deleted the others are automatically renumbered.  The first footnote should include a brief biographical note with the author’s current affiliation. Footnotes do not count against the number of words.
  • Article submissions should include an abstract (200-300 words) and a table of contents (not included in word count).  The front page should include the author’s name and email address, as well as the title of the work.
  • Manuscripts should be submitted to as an e-mail attachment in a Microsoft Word® file, with “Submission for Review_[Last Name]” as the subject line.  A member of the Editorial Board will confirm receipt and provide the author with an expected review-by date. Any other general matters concerning the journal should be directed to
WAMR is edited by Florida International University College of Law (Miami, U.S.A.) under the leadership of Professor Manuel A. Gómez as Editor-In-Chief, a motivated Editorial Board, and printed and distrbuted by Juris Publishing. This partnership ensures both the rigorous selection and academic quality of the journal’s content, and also the timely production and worldwide distribution online and in print.  WAMR also relies on a Board of Advisors comprised of prominent practitioners, academics, and other dispute resolution experts from around the world, which reinforces the significance of this journal as a premier vehicle for the dissemination of knowledge and information about the dynamic world of arbitration and mediation.

We look forward to reading your submissions. Detailed instructions for submitting articles are attached.

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