Welcome to the new ILS site

Welcome to the re-designed website for the International Law Section of The Florida Bar. We hope the new design provides an attractive and accessible new portal for our specialty area, helping current and prospective members to quickly locate and intuitively navigate the latest trends in international law.

A major focus of our Website re-design was to create more visual appeal to better showcase our webinars, events, quarterly newsletter, legislative initiatives, and sponsors. We have added several new easy-to-access tabs to better display these elements for practitioners in our field who need a one-stop, comprehensive information source for all the hot-button, need-to-know developments in international law.

For example, click here for a brief report on our March 2, 2013 Vis Pre-Moot Competition. Please also save the date of our March 13 Webinar on “Mediation: Around the World in 80 Days (1550R)” and our April 4 Webinar: “Enforcement of Foreign Judgments: A Discussion of Koehler v. Bank of Bermuda, Ltd. and Samsun Logix Corp v. Bank of China (1551R).”