Dear ILS Members,

We need your input on a proposed change to the Rule on Minimum Continuing Legal Education Standards which would allow a member to carry over excess CLE credits from one reporting period to another. In other words, if you earn more than the minimum required number of credits during 3-year reporting period, the proposal would allow additional credits to be carried over to the next reporting period.

Two proposals addressing this issue have been submitted for consideration (see attached). These proposals are summarized as follows:
  1.  The original proposal from Jay Cohen (Board of Governors Member Circuit 17, Seat 4) would allow a member to carry-over any excess credits (i.e. any credit hours over 33 hours) to the following 3-year reporting cycle without restriction.
  2. The alternative or amended proposal from the Board of Legal Specialization and Education, would allow a member to carry over only a certain amount of credits to the next reporting period (12 general credit hours, 2 credit hours in ethics, professionalism, bias elimination, substance abuse or mental illness awareness programs, and 1 technology hour).
The Board of Legal Specialization and Education is seeking input from the various sections and their members to these proposals for their consideration at their next meeting in September.

If you have any comments or opinions regarding these proposals, please submit them via e-mail to Katherine Sanoja ( by August 31, 2017.

Best regards,
Katherine Sanoja