Dear ILS Members,
Friday, in French, is “Vendredi”; Gazette, in French, is “Gazette”. This only goes to prove, though impeccable logic, that Friday is Gazette Day.
This week, we encourage all ILS Members to get involved in your Section and attend our Annual Meeting being held the weekend of June 25-27 at the Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables. You can join and participate in ILS committee meetings, and attend our annual Executive Council meeting and elections(though only Executive Council members can vote). Importantly, meet and network with your fellow section members at our Friday and Saturday evening receptions and dinners, at a beautiful locale. Registration info for the annual meeting, and for rooms at the Biltmore at the ILS preferential rate are below.
In our continuing effort to highlight Florida Bar Board Certified Specialists (“B.C.S.”) we feature, for the International Law certification, ILS Immediate Past-Chair Clarissa Rodriguez of ILS Hemispheric Sponsor ReichRodriguez P.A. Clarissa focuses her practice on art law and complex business dispute resolution, and is the esteemed host of the ILS Lunch and Learn series. Clarissa learned through her involvement in the ILS what an amazing credential being board certified in International Law is and how it helps in marketing, speaking engagements and in client development. She also knows that every international practitioner should own the ILS International Law Deskbook (a mere $99 bucks) and that it will help prepare one for the rigorous certification exam.
For the International Litigation & Arbitration Certification, we feature this issue ILS Executive Council Member Gary Davidson of Diaz Reus. Gary was one who lead the effort for the ILS to get this certification approved by the Florida Bar and Supreme Court and is known as the “godfather” of this certification. Gary has been interviewed on a number of national publications and television programs and is currently the Vice-Chair of the Certification Committee. Gary knows that certification provides “a short-hand mechanism to aid in the selection of an attorney.” Gary recommends that when taking the certification exam, that the test taker not “stay up late the night before cramming. Instead, have a great dinner, and, most importantly an excellent (but reasonably priced” bottle of wine.” Great advice from the Vice-Chair of the Certification Committee, though I prefer Tennessee Whiskey.
To continue to provide ILS members opportunities to attend webinar that provide not only regular CLE credit, but importantly international certification CLE credit, so important for board certification, on August 4th the Section is presenting “Immigration Strategies for Investors, Entrepreneurs and Corporations in the Post-COVID World”, including panelists ILS Past-Chair Larry Rifkin and Juan Carlos Freire of ILS Regional Sponsor Rifkin & Fox-Isicoff and ILS Treasurer Jacqueline Villalba of ILS Global Sponsor Harper Meyer. The webinar will discuss visa processing issues at Consulates regarding business visas, inspection issues at the border and maintain lawful status upon entry. This may be especially important given a recent Supreme Court case on the importance of lawful entry for temporary protected status immigrants who may later want a green card.
A great weekend to all. See you at the Annual Meeting at the end of the month!
Sincerely yours,
Robert J. Becerra