At the Florida Bar International Law Section we have several committees. And, NOW, we have a committee dedicated to the issues of human rights, public international law, and global justice. The purpose of this Committee shall be to provide leadership to the legal profession and global community, with a focus on service to people living in Florida, in protecting and advancing international human rights and global social justice. Additionally, the Committee shall be a resource to diverse communities combating the structural deprivation of rights and social justice. The Committee shall further provide attorneys with current and timely information in their legal specialty or focus area, develop CLE seminars/symposiums, build a local/international professional network, submit articles and participate in a variety of human rights related community service projects and social events.  Specific international and domestic issues the Committee will delve into include, for example, right to food, right to health, right to education, political prisoners and political rights, race discrimination, environmental justice, human trafficking, and much more.

When Tyrone Afrasan Adams first brought this idea to the attention of the ILS Executive Chair Arnie Lacayo in late 2017, he immediately received positive feedback and support. Human Rights is not exactly known for being a profitable legal field – and the lack of profitability was the reason that there has never been a Human Rights committee at the Florida Bar. On the contrary, many attorneys who start working in this field quickly realize how difficult it is to win cases, how difficult it is to get attorney fees, and thus how difficult it is to focus on this area of law – especially in cities that are not called Miami, Washington DC, or New York. However, the topic is now just as important and relevant as it was 200 years ago, and we have been able to gather enough interest to convince the ILS executive committee to officially establish this Committee dedicated to Human Rights in May 2018. And, in September 2018 this Committee will start being featured on the ILS website, around the same time when the Committee’s first public event will take place in Orlando.

Here is a list of some of our initial members:  Prof. Lisa Iglesias, Richard A.C. Alton, Bernice Bird, Prof. Emercio Aponte, Prof. Hannibal Travis, Tyrone Afrasan Adams, Francis “Mo” Roberts, Prof. Mark Schlakman, Pinky Shodhan, Prof. Madeleine Plascencia, Amirah Mohammed, and Jason Deleo.

This Committee shall help protect and advance human rights. To have the most impact, YOUR ACTIVE PARTICIPATION IS NEEDED AND WANTED! Whether you are a law student, faculty member, practicing attorney or community leader, please consider joining and supporting the work of this Committee – today.

Feel free to reach out to our Committee’s Secretary Tyrone Afrasan Adams, Esq. Francoeur Law Firm, LLC, who can be reached at, or 407-999-9990.