Meet the 52 Florida Bar Board Certified Members in International Law

Jennifer Diaz
President of Diaz Trade Law
Jennifer Diaz is a Board Certified International Attorney and President and Founder of Diaz Trade Law, specializing in Customs and International Trade Law. Jennifer is considered a leading expert in International Law by The Florida Bar and regularly provides comprehensive customized trainings and programs on matters concerning import/export compliance for several Fortune500 companies and small businesses. Jennifer’s trainings and programs are based on her well-respected knowledge and experience in working with Federal agencies, such as the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Furthermore, having served as President for the Organization of Women in International Trade (OWIT), a global organization which seeks to to advance the prominence of women in global trade, Jennifer’s passion for trade extends beyond her legal practice to ensure she play a role in bridging the gender gap in her niche practice area. Jennifer has served as an Adjunct Professor of International Law, frequent media contributor, author of export control laws, trade law, and customs law chapters of the International Law DeskBook, published by the International Law Section of The Florida Bar, editor of a prominent Customs and International Trade Law Blog and the Top 10 Tips When Importing/Exporting. As a Miami native, and supporter of rescue dogs, Jennifer contributes to her community by raising awareness and funds for the Humane Society of Greater Miami (check out Jennifer’s rescue dog @Lux_the_Lawdog on Instagram).
Why did you become Board Certified in International Law?
It was a MUST for me. There was no question, the minute I hit the 5 year mark in my practice, that my application was already be submitted to The Florida Bar. My practice is a niche practice within the larger scope of International law, and Board Certification was a terrific way to stand out within this niche as an expert.
What are some benefits you received from being Board Certified?
Board Certification is a priceless marketing tool. Being board certified helps instill client confidence and sets me apart from my competitors. It has provided vast opportunities such as becoming an adjunct professor in International Law. For me, Board Certification has helped bridging the gender gap in my practice area, specifically by diminishing unwarranted stigmas that undermine the value and performance ability of a short woman specializing in customs and international trade law. Happy to share that I am no longer regularly told “you look just like my granddaughter” instead of discussing key customs and trade issues.
Any best tups or advice to ILS Members preparing for the Certification Exam?
The International Law Certification is incredibly broad-based and challenging. The new International Law Deskbook, a Florida Bar publication, is an ESSENTIAL read to use in studying for the board certification exam essays. For the multiple choice, I created my own outline and study guide based upon the exam specifications, and made my own table of contents tagging each specification listed in the International Lawyers Desk Book, an ABA Section of International Law and Practice publication (and highly recommend you do this as well). You will NOT be expected to become an expert in every item covered by the International Law Board Certification, but you can, and SHOULD, take the exam.
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