Meet the 52 Florida Bar Board Certified Members in International Law

Tiffany N. Comprés
Partner at FisherBroyles LLP
Tiffany N. Comprés is a partner at FisherBroyles LLP. Her passions are international arbitration and the U.N. Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG). She represents companies as an advocate in international arbitration and litigation and also serves as an arbitrator. Her experience encompasses a range of disputes, and she has extensive experience particularly in the international agriculture, food & beverage, logistics, distribution, heavy machinery, and energy sectors.
Tiffany is one of only 52 attorneys board-certified as an expert in International Law by The Florida Bar. She has been recognized as a Rising Star for 3 years in a row by SuperLawyers, and as an expert on international sales law, including the CISG, and on the application of Perishable Agricultural Commodities Act (PACA) to foreign companies. Tiffany has written for, and been interviewed by, several leading industry publications in agriculture, such as Fresh Plaza, in which she was featured in an article titled “PACA vs. CISG: Which Prevails, Domestic or International Law?”
Tiffany obtained her J.D. from Georgetown University Law Center, and two LL.M. equivalent degrees in France, from SciencesPo and from the Université de Paris – Sorbonne, in law and Economic Globalization and International Business Law, respectively. She practices in all of the world’s major arbitration centers and under all the major arbitration rules. She also handles all forms of international discovery, international award and judgment enforcement and collection, and Hague Convention procedures.
Why did you become Board Certified in International Law?
I knew before I went to law school that I wanted to focus on international law in some way. I grew up living in different places and speaking three languages, and it was obvious to me that this was the right path, just like after I had been practicing for five years, it was obvious that I had to get this board certification! I wanted a way to communicate my deep knowledge (and love) of international law to potential clients. It’s a perfect way to set yourself apart and market yourself as a true international law expert. And frankly, as a woman who looks on the young side, I feel I can never be over-credentialed.
What are some benefits you received from being Board Certified?
Aside from what I indicated above, a surprise bonus was the great community of like-minded fellow certified attorneys! This was an unexpected gift. I have also found that other attorneys understand that board certification is a major achievements and demonstrates profound commitment to my practice – it has certainly earned me additional respect from my peers beyond what I anticipated.
Any best tips or advice to ILS Members preparing for the Certification Exam?
1. JUST DO IT! (® Nike). No really, just roll up your sleeves and get it done.
2. Be strategic. The exam requires a certain percentage of correct responses to pass (I believe it’s 70%), and is composed of a specific percentage of questions in specific international law areas – many of which will not be in your day-to-day practice. If some of those areas count for a small percentage and are totally unknown to you, don’t try to learn them. Stay focused on getting that 70%. Create a study guide for yourself based on the exam specifications. And use the Florida Bar’s International Law Deskbook!
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