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International Law Quarterly, Winter 2012

To all members of the International Law Section:

Download your copy of the Winter 2012 special issue of the International Law Quarterly “Focus on: International Intellectual Property Law” here.


Penelope Perez-Kelly—who wrote the lead article exploring the challenges and strategies involved in managing a client’s IP on a worldwide basis—did a great job coordinating an impressive lineup of authors on the hottest topics in IP. They include: Kimra Major-Morris and her timely article on online privacy in the wake of multiple high-profile international copyright cases involving the Internet; Danielle Amor, who tackles the problem of video pirating in Europe by those, including UK public houses (pubs), who use foreign decoder boxes to show live football matches; Pierre Gaunaurd and his examination of the challenges of protecting patents in India; Peter Quinter and Michael De Biase who map the intersection of trademark and customs law designed to keep counterfeit merchandise out of the United States; James Faier who analyzes the “bona fide intent to use” requirement for foreign registration applicants seeking U.S. federal trademark protection; and Brenda Recio with her primer on IP law in the Dominican Republic.

All are great articles that, taken together, provide a sophisticated understanding of the current state of intellectual property from a global perspective.We believe this issue is surely worth saving and will become the ultimate reference guide on International Intellectual Property Law for years to come. On behalf of the International Law Section, we hope you enjoy it.

Alvin F. Lindsay