ILS Chair’s Welcoming Remarks

Dear ILS Members,
I am honored and gratified to be your new Chair for 2020-2021. I also thank and am gratified to be working with a fantastic and motivated Executive Board for this coming year, and welcome both Jacqueline Villalba and Richard Montes De Oca to our Board, and look for great things from both.
The vision of the International Law Section is a world where relations between humans, personal or business and commercial, are governed under justice and rule of law, whether it be through the rights guaranteed by due process or through the stability of enforceable contractual relations. We look to preserve the independence of our profession and the judiciary in the international arena. We strive to assist our members in bringing this vision to fruition, through our conferences, agreements with various foreign bar associations, committees and educational programs. We look to provide value to our members, providing the opportunity to meet and network, foster valuable relationships, and learn the latest in international law practice, whether transaction, human rights, litigation or arbitration. We also seek to promote diversity and inclusion in the Florida international legal community, and the community as a whole, a goal all the more important based on recent events in our nation.
We will continue to provide our Members avenues for expression, such as the International Law Quarterly, webinars, articles in the Gazette, our new International Law Deskbook now being published and the most important program ever conducted in the ILS, the monthly Lunch and Learn Series.
And so, we embark on this next year with a number of challenges to our many goals, many forced upon us by the presence of a pandemic. We will seek to foster not just remote interactions, and also, only consistent with safety, protocols, and procedures approved by the pertinent health authorities, personal interactions and programming which are all so important to our Section during the year. Together we will achieve our goals and have a productive, enjoyable, and stimulating year in the ILS.
Importantly, as well, and in conformity with the Hippocratic oath which I find relevant in these times of pandemic, I intend to “do no harm.” I welcome and thank you all in advance for your help, good work, and enthusiasm I expect for the next year.
Robert J. Becerra