ILS Chair’s News & Notes

We are not stopping. A big thank you this week to Bob Becerra and Michael Cabenas from Fiduciary Trust International for continuing to host the ILS Lunch & Learn Program. Please make lunch plans with us on Wednesday, May 13 at 1 p.m. for an ILS Zoom call featuring an interview with Effie Silva. Details and RSVP information in the ILS Gazette.
Thank you also to Jeff Hagen for this week’s article on “IRS PUBLISHES NEW GUIDANCE FOR 2020 INCOME TAX RESIDENCY DUE TO COVID-19” in the ILS Gazette. Laura Reich and Ana Barton are accepting articled for the Gazette and ILQ. See details below too.
Ways to stay involved:
  • ILS Webinars. The ILS is preparing a survey to its Members for the next upcoming webinars. Keep a look out for the survey. Email Katherine Sanoja your idea or topic for a Webinar at (
  • ILS Publishing. Submit your article to Laura Reich or Ana Barton (
  • ILS Networking and Referrals. Let us help you organize an ILS Zoom Call with colleagues for exchanges and networking. Email Clarissa or Bob Becerra ( with your proposal.
  • For ILS Law Students, Recent Grads, and Associates. See the Gazette for announcements on internship opportunities, publishing opportunities, and work opportunities. If your office, organization, or department is hiring right now, let us know! Email Clarissa Rodriguez about connecting with folks for available positions (
  • The Florida Bar Annual Convention. No official word yet. Each Section will be receiving an update from the Bar regarding the best way to lead its annual meeting. Stay tuned for plans on a virtual ILS Happy Hour and Annual Meeting.
Keep going. Stay connected and be involved.
It feels like a Tuesday but the calendar says otherwise. Happy Friday!

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