ILS Chair’s News & Notes

Dear ILS Members,
Another Gazette Day has arrived, allowing us to read all matters that the ILS is “gazetting” this week.
As well, the Spring Equinox is upon us. March 20 is the day, which happens twice a year, when the amount of daytime equals the amount of nighttime. It also is the first day of Spring season. Furthermore, it is the day that the Sun is directly over the Earth’s Equator. We know we have arrived at Spring since last weekend we had to turn our clocks in the United States forward (“Spring Forward”) one hour. It means the days “last longer” to some, which actually is not true. Although the sun sets at a later time than during Standard Time, the sun rises later as well. Now at 7am, it is dark outside. Just know that tomorrow, you are getting equal amounts of day and night; every day afterward the daylight will get longer by one minute, and therefore night will get shorter by one minute, until the Summer Solstice.
We once again feature another Florida Bar Board Certified International Lawyer. This week it is Jake Baccari, partner at Tenzer Arrieta PLLC of Miami. Jake’s practice involves domestic and multi-jurisdictional litigation, arbitration, investigations and regulatory matters. Jake also worked in Tokyo and Singapore for more than a decade. He knows that board certification brings lawyers distinction, not only here in Florida, but internationally. The ILS encourages all members to seek board certification in international law which evidences for all your legal expertise in the international arena. Use our International Law Deskbook 2020, for sale on the Bar’s website for $99, as a review guide. You won’t regret it.
Upcoming events featured in your Gazette include a collaboration between your ILS and the Rome Bar Association. The ILS has a collaborative agreement with the Rome Bar, and in furtherance of that collaboration, we feature the first of a webinar series, beginning on March 31 entitled “Legal Framework of Inbound Real Estate Transactions-Florida and Italy”. The webinar series will be receiving CLE accreditation shortly. The registration link will go live in the next few days. Stay tuned!
On April 8th the ILS Asia Committee, India subcommittee will feature a panel discussion on “Routes and Realities of Enforcing Arbitral Awards in India: An In-Depth Talk on Vodafone, Devas and Cairn”. The ILS is co-sponsoring this panel discussion moderated by ILS Executive Council member Neha Dagley. Enjoy an insightful discussion on arbitral enforcement in India!
Save the Date! On April 22nd the ILS will hold a webinar on “PPE Transactions in a Pandemic: Achieving Compliance and Identifying Fraud”. This panel will feature industry players along with trade and transactional lawyers that advise them. Below you will find the webinar brochure with link to register.
Your Gazette also features this week photos from our Executive Council meeting and cocktail reception held on March 11 at Jungle Island. It was good to see our ILS friends and council members, who volunteer their time to make our Section a success. Enjoy!
Remember to send us your member news and short articles for publication in your Gazette. Also, if you know someone who is an international practitioner, and they are not a member of our Section, let me know and I will get them signed up. Email me at
Have a great weekend.
Sincerely yours,
Robert J. Becerra