ILS Chair’s News & Notes

Dear ILS Members,
Ahh, the Friday before what some have as a three day weekend. Gazette Day.
This coming week we will be witnessing something that in most countries of the world, is a remarkable event: the peaceful (relatively speaking) transition of power from an existing head of state to a new head of state. In the United States, such an event happens regularly every four to eight years. In most countries, it happens not at all, or in countries with sham elections, a head of state continues to cling to power, and often violently suppresses and arrests his opponent, whether he/she won the election or not. Witness the current events in Uganda. The current president, Museveni, has been the head of state since 1986. He scrapped term limits and an age limit from his nation’s constitution. He purports to have won his recent election, yet he persecutes his opponent. The internet was shut off by Museveni due to the elections. His opponent, the musician Bobi Wine, was last heard tweeting that the military had invaded his home; nothing more has been heard. We give our prayers and best wishes for his safety. There has been no transition of power in Uganda since 1986 (and that by coup). Here, it last happened in January 2017 and will happen again this coming week. Remarkable.
Just as remarkable and new in this issue of the Gazette, is the short article penned by ILS Executive Council member Fabio Giallanza on “Accidental Italians”. No ,we don’t mean your cousin Guido’s brother in law. This has to do with the U.S.-Italy tax treaty exemption which can have enormously important tax consequences for non-resident estates. Fabio’s analysis of the Treaty is an important read for those practitioners faced with such estate tax issues. We encourage our members to submit short articles highlighting your knowledge and practice that we can include in your Gazette.
The Richard De Witt Memorial Vis Pre-Moot is still looking for moot arbitrators. The Pre-Moot this year is all virtual and will be held February 27. I volunteered and I encourage you to do so too. It’s fun and an enriching experience to see the competing law school teams, who are all sharp. Remember to check our Larry Rifkin’s immigration webinar being held next month.
Sincerely yours,
Robert J. Becerra