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ILS Announces New Annual Sponsor Program

Miami, FL. Friday, January 16, 2009. At the ILS Executive Council meeting during the Mid-year meeting of The Florida Bar at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Miami, ILS Chair Brock McClane unveiled a new program that the Executive Committee had been working on for months. “Through no fault at all of my Immediate Past Chair, we woke up after I became Chair in June to a report from the big Bar that we had run a surprise deficit and depleted our capital account. A change in Bar CLE accounting rules caused the problem and forced us to close the door on certain projects, but we have opened the door on an Annual Sponsor program which was specifically encouraged by the big Bar’s new rules. It promises to allow our sponsors to be continuously and prominently featured as Section friends, instead of merely shown as single event sponsors. It also has caused us to become more professional about sponsorships, forming a new committee chaired by Immediate Past Chair Ed Davis who has the gravitas to succeed in the post.” Davis has also hired veteran fund raising consultant, Teresa Larson of Washington, DC, who will ensure that the program delivers value and is responsive to the sponsors’ needs. By establishing a centralized sponsorship program, McClane and Davis hope that sponsors will respond well to the ILS only asking for financial support once a year. The sponsor program and its associated budget passed the ILS Executive Council unanimously.