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Foreign Legal Consultant

“The importance of education, training and information of women making their overall development and their freedom” education and training of women education is a human right and an indispensable element for economic and social progress. It must be recognized that the access and conditions”

I am a litigator and mediator licensed in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I applied to serve as a “foreign legal consultant” for Argentina with the State Bar of Florida. As a member of the Miami International Arbitration Society, available to participate in arbitration and mediation hearings in the United States or abroad. At VERITAS Assurance Partners providing business advisory services to law firms and multi-national companies operating around the world, especially in Latin America, extensive knowledge and expertise with Latin American government regulatory and legal systems. Specifically, expertise in criminal and commercial litigation and complex foreign investigations especially involving ethics and fraud allegations; international law and international arbitration, mediation and other ADR procedures; risk mitigation and project management. Represented multinational clients in multiple nations in Latin America, Europe and the US. Also certified as a Professional Life Coach and as a Florida Real Estate agent with special certification in REO. She is fluent in Spanish and is conversant in English, French and Italian.

News: 2014: “Inter – American Bar Association Federation inter-American law Federação Advogados Fédération Inter-américaine Des Avocats (IABA-FIA) 50a inter-American Conference IABA – FIA San Juan de Puerto Rico “development of national law through the reception of international law and the study of comparative law” work ready to be presented at the 50th Conference: “prize for the best work for the 50th Conference of the FIA” author: DRA. Carolina Obarrio 2014 Committee 18th women’s rights, Panel reagent of the documentary Girl Rising, sponsored by the 18th Committee on women’s rights.