Arbinsol – The Interplay Between International Arbitration and Insolvency

Founded by Ishaan Madaan, a recent Miami Law alum, Arbinsol is a platform advancing research, dialogue, and thought leadership in international arbitration, insolvency, and their interplay. The pandemic is on its course to alter some, or many, of the ways of the world. International trade, commerce, investments and disputes have been no alien to the wrath of the pandemic. Drastic preventive safeguards and measures taken by states across the world are resulting in impaired abilities of businesses to perform contractual obligations, and also leading to a rise in insolvencies. This will lead to eruption of more and more concerns about the fate of arbitration agreements, proceedings, and awards.
Arbinsol is currently organizing a “Post-Pandemic Series” along with the Centre for International Legal Studies (Austria) where leading international dispute resolution practitioners and academicians participate in advancing discourse on pertinent and topical issues. The groundbreaking events, that are both highly informative and exciting, have had niche yet voluminous and diverse participation from over 70 countries. The dialogue and debates provide for great reference material for understanding imminent issues and expanding further discussions.
Ishaan is an Indian attorney with almost a decade’s experience in dispute resolution, an Arbitrator, International Arbitration LLM graduate from the University of Miami School of Law, FDI Moot Scholar, and certified for admission as an Attorney to the New York State Bar. Arbinsol welcomes collaboration in organizing dialogues and debates on topical issues concerning international dispute resolutions, and in publishing writings that open more avenues of conflict prevention and resolution. To receive regular invites and event material, please click here. Arbinsol’s updates can also be found on LinkedIn and Youtube.