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Opportunities Still Remain at the International Law Quarterly!

• Central America
• Caribbean
• Middle East
• Africa
• India
• Canada
• Australia

Become a Regional Editor for the International Law Quarterly and be the go-to expert on one of these remaining regions!

Beginning this winter, the ILQ’s new regular feature, the “World Roundup,” will quickly update our readers on the most major legal developments from all the most important regions of the world.

As a Regional Editor, you will be responsible for tracking developments and writing short quarterly updates from one to several paragraphs for each region. As such, each Regional Editor will not only have an opportunity to become more closely involved in our flagship publication, but also to become recognized as an expert in their particular region.

If your training, background, or practice qualifies you to report on one of the above regions, let us know by contacting Editor in-Chief, Alvin F. Lindsay, at, with your credentials and regional choice.