New Foreign Legal Consultant Rule Amendments

For the past year and a half, the Foreign Legal Consultant Committee of The Florida Bar, which is chaired by Yine Rodríguez Pérez, has been working on amending Chapter 16 of The Florida Bar Rules.  Chapter 16 regulates The Florida Bar’s certification of foreign lawyers as Foreign Legal Consultants.

The work involved drafting new rules and revising existing ones and then submitting the proposed new rules and amendments to the Board of The Florida Bar (the “Board”).  It also involved meetings and discussions about the proposed amendments with the Division Director of the Ethics and Consumer Protection of The Florida Bar and the Director of Investigations of the National Conference of Bar Examiners, among others.

In July 2016, the proposed amendments to Chapter 16 were reported on for first reading and were later heard on second reading and approved by the Board in late 2016.  In October 2016, the proposed amendments were filed with the Supreme Court of Florida.  We’re pleased to announce that just last week, the Supreme Court of Florida issued its ruling approving the new and amended Foreign Legal Consultant rules.  The new rules will be effective in February, 2018.

This is a major accomplishment that was actively pursued by the International Law Section of The Florida Bar and applauded by Florida’s international practitioners and Foreign Legal Consultants.

Congratulations to Yine and to the Foreign Legal Consultants Committee members Jacqueline Villalba and Jose Maria Carneiro da Cunha.