Michael R. Jackson Appointed Vice-President of the AEA

Michael R. Jackson, shareholder of Jackson Law International, has been appointed to serve as First Vice-President of the Asociación Europea de Abogados (“AEA”). Jackson’s appointment was made on behalf of 760 legal offices world-wide, comprising circa 5,000 individual members.
Created in 2004 in the European Union, the AEA has strong roots in Europe, it is recognized as the world’s largest network of international firms, and is the only network of attorneys that covers each and every one of the 196 independent countries of the world.
The AEA has a strict process for the selection of its membership of international law firms with the intention of offering to the public legal services that are based upon a uniform quality of standard among its membership. Should any member of The Florida Bar International Law Section wish to join the AEA, please contact Michael R. Jackson at mjackson@jacksonlawinternational.com.