Dear ILS Members:

The next few months will be very active in the ILS.

April: We look forward to seeing you tomorrow, April 19, at the University of Miami for a fantastic event focused on Human Rights issues in Venezuela, Cuba, and Nicaragua.  Over 70 people have so far signed-up and space is limited, so don’t delay and register.  The event will be all-day, lunch will be served, and there will be a closing cocktail. For the Conference brochure and registration details please click on the following links:

May:  On May 31, in Panamá, we will have our much-anticipated Conference on Comparative International Law, hosted at the Morgan & Morgan (Panamá) firm.  Conference brochure and registration information to be released by next week.

June:  We have our Annual Meeting to be held June 26-29 at the Boca Raton Resort and Club.  ILS meetings will be held on June 28th.  More information to follow.   Also, our next edition of the International Law Quarterly is due to be released, and we look forward to that very much.

Thank you for making this another great ILS year.  More great things are to come.