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ILS Wants Senators to Oppose SB 1360, The Sharia Law Bill

Dear ILS Members:
The Legislative Committee of the ILS has been working during the current Florida legislative session to prevent the passage of the anti-foreign law bill (as limited to the Family Law arena) (SB 1360). The Florida legislative session ends next week on March 9, 2012, and we very much need your assistance in reaching out to Senators to oppose SB 1360.
SB 1360 is particularly concerning because it has passed through nearly all House and Senate committees and may be voted upon in both chambers imminently. The bill – which some refer to as the “Sharia Law Bill” because anti-Muslim sentiment fueled it – would set a dangerous precedent for future initiatives that aim to prohibit the application of foreign laws in all Florida courts. The Family Law Section (FLS) of the Florida Bar has been leading the charge in opposing the bill with extensive support from the ILS. We believe the bill was limited to the Family Law arena in order to seem more “reasonable.” However, the potential for a dangerous precedent remains and the bill is, as the ILS and FLS agree, unconstitutional on several grounds. As well, SB 1360 is unnecessary because existing law handles when foreign law should apply in Florida family law courts. Moreover, the bill undermines Florida’s image as a leading destination for international trade and tourism.

We ask that you all do the following today: email the Senators listed on the attached PDF list (or their legislative aides) using the Word Doc template provided.
If we all write these Senators, we can make a difference. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

Eduardo Palmer, Richard Dewitt, Carlos Osorio, Regan Kruse, Omar Ibrahem

ILS Legislative Committee