ILS Chair’s News & Notes

Happy Tuesday! We had a great members’ networking event at the new Veritext arbitral facility on Thursday night. A big thank you to the Veritext team for hosting us. If you or your organization wants to host an ILS Networking Event, let’s do it. Reach out to Davide Macelloni at with a pitch.
The calendar is getting fuller as we head towards December. Here are the newest dates for your fall calendar: 
For more details regarding the upcoming Section events please see the Upcoming Events section below.
Are you an ILS Section Sponsor? Take a moment to look at the ILS Sponsors Page for the 2019-2020 cycle. If he hasn’t already, Rafael Ribeiro will be reaching out to EC Members and select Committee Chairs about great ways to support the Section.
If you haven’t received your hard copy of the latest ILQ, you missed the Retreat and now the set on your shelf is incomplete. Don’t panic. Reach out to Ana Barton ( Laura Reich ( about ways you can receive a copy and be published in next edition. Promotional and advertising space is also available. We have a goal of getting this amazing publication into the hands of as many folks, groups, libraries, organizations as possible. The ILQ is beyond impressive so make sure your name is in it!
Have a great week everyone!