ILS Chair’s News & Notes

Dear Friends,
On behalf of the ILS Board, thank you! Last week the ILS held its trifecta of premiere international events and they were all terrific. We also have great news to share with you so pardon the Monday afternoon interruption but you’ll want to keep reading.
At this year’s ILS Winter Meeting, Pam Seay announced that with the efforts of several ILS Members and contributions from the law students at Stetson, the ILS is now in the final publishing stages of an International Desk Reference Book. This book offers new practicioners and experienced practicioners a guidebook on various international law topics and issues. Keep reading the ILS Gazette for upcoming ways to purchase your own copy. A huge thank you to Pam for her hard work and dedication this special project. A thank you as well to the authors and volunteers who contributed time and knowledge.
Thank you to Rafael RibeiroAlvin Lindsay, and the Hogan Lovells team for graciously hosting the ILS Winter Meeting, iLaw2020 opening cocktail reception, and the Richard DeWitt Memorial Vis Pre-Moot Competition reception. Hogan always answers the call with the utmost generosity and good will.
To our iLaw2020 Steering Committee, many many thanks. This team of lawyers came together to design a program, invite speakers, and create a tremendous conference. An enormous thank you to Cristina Vicens for chairing this endeavor and making it all look easy. The ILS also thanks Luis Martinez and the ICDR for sponsoring the International Arbitration Track and bringing us amazing speakers and topics. Our sponsors, our vendors, and our volunteers were incredible this year. Everyone who worked on this conference deserves a big virtual round of applause.
Last but certainly not least, we were honored to hold the Richard DeWitt Memorial Vis Pre-Moot Competition comprised entirely by volunteer arbitrators and volunteer Steering Committee members. Adrian Nunez, this year’s Vis Chair, ran an impeccable program. The host of the competition, JAMS, cannot be thanked enough. Sherman HumphreyRanse Howell, and Gary Birnberg showed us why JAMS is truly a premiere arbitral facility.
To all ILS Members, Sponsors, and Volunteers, a big thank you. This honor is yours.
Here are the next upcoming program dates:
  • Saturday, March 7-14 – Surfer’s Journey Immersion Retreat:;
  • Tuesday, March 10-14 – Examinations for Florida Bar Board Certifications (Group 1), Tampa, Florida;
  • Wednesday, March 11 – ILS Lunch & Learn featuring Peter Quinter and hosted at Fiduciary Trust Coral Gables, Florida;
  • Tuesday, May 5-9 Examinations for Florida Bar Board Certifications (Group 2), Tampa, Florida
  • Wednesday, June 17-20 – The Florida Bar Annual Convention in Orlando, Florida.
We will update you soon with more upcoming webinars, seminars, and networking events.
Happy Monday!