ILS Chair’s News & Notes

Dear ILS Members,
Once again, it is TGIG; Thank God it’s Gazette Day.
Our Gazette, as always, is jam-packed with news about our Section and its events. Importantly, as we reflect on Black History Month, we should remember how fear and racism can lead to events that one would think could not occur in a country ruled by our Constitution, with its Bill of Rights. It was on this day, in 1942, during the early days of WWII, that President Roosevelt issued an executive order forcibly removing Japanese-Americans from their homes and businesses on the west coast and placing them in “internment” camps. No “just compensation” was provided. Such actions were not taken against German-Americans, or Italian-Americans, although our nation was at war with Germany and Italy at that same time. I will leave to you to your conclusions as to what was the difference that caused one group to be singled out over others.
Your Section will be holding its mid-year Executive Council meeting on Thursday, March 11th at Jungle Island. The meeting will be held live, at an outdoor venue in Jungle Island at 4pm that day, followed by an outdoor cocktail reception at 6pm. Virtual attendance will also be available for those more comfortable with that mode of participation. All ILS Section members are welcome to attend the Executive Council meeting (although only members of the Council and past-chairs may vote on Section business). I hope to see you there live at this beautiful venue, or virtually. If you are going to attend, please RSVP to me at, and let me know if I will see you live or remotely.
The Richard De Witt Memorial Pre-Moot competition will be on February 27th, and the competition committee is still looking for additional volunteer arbitrators. The competition is being held this year virtually, and law schools not only from the U.S., but also Europe and Asia will be participating. Volunteer; you will be glad you did. Information on volunteering is below.
In our continuing promotion of Florida Bar Board Certified International Lawyers, this week we feature Pamela Seay, of Seay Law International P.A., member of our Executive Council and editor of the ILS International Law Deskbook 2020, a vital resource for international practitioners, and those who wish to be board certified. In our feature of Pamela, she explains the great benefits of Board Certification
We have some very worthwhile Zoom webinars coming up in the next few weeks: On February 25th, we have “Black Women in Business” in which your Section has partnered with the Miami Finance Forum, and “Restoring Bilateral Trade between Canada and Florida”, presented by ILS Strategic Sponsor GrayRobinson and moderated by ILS Past Chair Francesca Russo. Sign up and enjoy these stimulating programs.
Remember your Section’s International Law Quarterly is still soliciting articles for its Spring 2021 issue focusing on “Shifts in International Law and Principles Under the Biden Administration”. Showcase your talents by publishing in the ILQ!
Sincerely yours,
Robert J. Becerra