ILS Chair’s News & Notes

Dear ILS Members,
Fridays are Gazette Days. Keep informed on what your Section is up to!
Let’s keep in mind those in Louisiana and east Texas who got slammed by Hurricane Laura this week, one of the most powerful Hurricanes to ever hit the United States. Widespread flooding, wrecked businesses and homes are evident from the latest news coverage. Our good wishes for recovery go out to those residents. Living in Florida, we are always wary of incoming storms, and all we can be is thankful that one did not come this way (despite earlier National Hurricane Center tracks).
Remember to get involved with our Steering Committee for iLaw2021! The Committee is soliciting ideas for panels for our flagship conference being held at the end of February. Remember that we are always looking for webinar proposals; showcase your talents and practices! Please also, send us news of what you or your firms are up to. The Gazette will let everyone know. Check out the ILS member news in this issue.
This Gazette we feature an article by Bill Newton on the interaction between transfer pricing and customs value. This may sound like a very technical customs, trade and tax issue, but it is one that can make the difference between your clients making profit in international trade, or otherwise losing their shirts. In these times of tariffs and trade wars, it is something of which international practitioners should be aware.
Stay tuned for our next virtual ILS Lunch & Learn, which we are planning for mid to late September.
We are still planning our leadership retreat, both live and virtual. for the weekend of November 6-8. More details will be forthcoming so save the date in your calendar. We will bring back “ILS talks,” which were last held at our leadership retreat in 2018, which is fashioned after “Ted Talks” giving members the opportunity to give short, 10-15 minute presentations on international law topics. Those who have interest may contact me at
As always, the Gazette is available to ILS Members for publication of short, blog type articles. Take advantage of these opportunities by contacting Davide Macelloni, our Gazette’s editor, at
Lastly, our Florida Bar liaison, Angela Froelich, lost her father this week to illness. Our condolences and prayers go out to Angie and her family.
As we close out the dog days of August, have a great weekend, socially distance, wear your masks, lather up with hand sanitizer and stay healthy!
Sincerely yours,
Robert J. Becerra