International Commercial Arbitration “Glitch Fix Bill” Signed By Governor Scott Last Week

ILS Legislative Committee is very pleased to announce that on June 14, 2013, Governor Scott signed the “Glitch Fix Bill” into law (SB 186/HB 775; Chapter No. 2013-164)!  The new law clarifies ambiguities in the Florida International Commercial Arbitration Act, F.S. Ch. 684, and added a new provision, Section 684.0049, regarding consent to jurisdiction.

The passage of the Glitch Fix Bill will serve to enhance the business climate in Florida by streamlining legislation related to international law matters in order to increase Florida’s attractiveness as a business friendly state. The text can be viewed at this link:

The passage of the Glitch Fix Bill is a result of three years of tireless effort by the ILS Legislative Committee. Special thanks to the Committee’s fearless leaders, Eduardo Palmer and Carlos Osorio, and team members Katie Sanoja, Marisol Bodero, and Regan Kruse, on their victory.