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Glenn Cooper interviewed by WIOD-AM Local News About Immigration…

Glenn M. Cooper

Glenn M. Cooper
Gray-Robinson, P.A.

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Give The Republican Congress Time To Come Up With An Immigration Bill Before An Executive order

The White House is saying actions on immigration reform could happen “soon.”

In a White House briefing, Spokesman Josh Earnest said the House could head off executive actions by passing the bipartisan reform bill that cleared the Senate more than a year ago.

House Republican leaders have refused to put the Senate bill up for a vote and no alternative immigration bills are pending in the House.

Republican leaders have repeatedly warned the President to step away from planned executive actions on immigration.

South Florida Immigration Attorney Glenn Cooper with Gray Robinson says the President might be able to legally make the order, but Congress will likely move to block it.

“It’s happened before.” according to Cooper, but he says when President Reagan ordered amnesty for illegals in the 1980’s, “the political climate was different.”

Cooper says Republicans want time to gather their forces on Capitol Hill. “When Obama came into office in the first two years, he had control of the Senate and the House and during those two years, they could not pass an immigration law.” He says the Republicans are saying President should give them more time to come up with an immigration bill.

He thinks the President should wait until after the new Congress takes over in January and then give them a reasonable amount of time.

Cooper doesn’t doubt there will be Court Challenges to the President’s order, but he says the big factor will be Congress threatening to use the budget as a weapon to stop it.

Suppose Congress reverses the Executive order? “What a mess that could be,” says Cooper.

Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell said congressional Republicans and the Democratic White House are going to have to find ways to work together.  He added, quote  —  “Just because the American people elected divided government doesn’t mean they expect us not to do anything.”