Florida Bar Performance Evaluation Committee Approves Foreign Legal Consultant Membership Initiative

On July 26, 2018, Yine Rodriguez on behalf of the Foreign Legal Consultant Committee (FLCC), and Clarissa Rodriguez, Chair-elect, attended the Florida Bar’s Performance Evaluation Committee Meeting seeking approval of the FLCC’s motion for Foreign Legal Consultants to receive Florida Bar Membership Certificate and Bar Card. This motion comes after months of intensive work by the FLCC to bring this before the Florida Bar.

Under the FLCC’s initiative, foreign attorneys who are certified with the Florida Bar as a Foreign Legal Consultant will receive a membership card, similar to but distinguished from the Florida Bar Card, to have in their possession. The FLCC’s carefully vetted language ensures the Foreign Legal Consultant is properly distinguished from a Florida licensed attorney but receives the proper distinction of foreign counsel.

The ILS is proud and thankful to the FLCC for their initiative, hard work, and excellent presentation before the Bar. The Performance Evaluation Committee unanimously approved the initiative at their July 26 meeting.

If you would like to learn about the FLCC and ways to become involved, please contact Yine Rodriguez at yine.rodriguez@hoganlovells.com.