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Call for Int’l Human Rights Award Nominees

Call for Int’l Human Rights Award Nominees
The ABA Section of Litigation is soliciting nominations for the ABA Section of Litigation International Human Rights Award. The International Human Rights Award is intended to honor and give public recognition to an individual who has made a special contribution in the area of human rights in a foreign jurisdiction.

Nominees for the award must have made substantial and long-term contributions in the furtherance of civil rights, civil liberties, and/or human rights outside the United States. A “substantial” contribution shall be considered to be one demonstrating a level of dedication or achievement beyond that expected in the normal course of an individual’s work. Nominees must be lawyers or judges, but from any jurisdiction.
The Section of Litigation International Human Rights Award was created in response to the knowledge that, in many countries with repressive regimes, the regime is less likely to take retaliatory action—or is likely to take less harsh action—against a human-rights advocate if the advocate has international connections and relationships. The Section stands behind those who have fought for basic human rights even when it may not be in their personal self-interest.
Completed nomination forms which can be found at and accompanying materials, including a “Statement of Reasons,” should be emailed to Sharyne Tu at by March 19, 2012.

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Help Draft a Proposed Ethics Rule

ILS is seeking committee members to assist with drafting a proposed ethics rule regarding Florida law firms with offices in foreign countries. Those interested should contact Mark Weiner at

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ILS Wants Senators to Oppose SB 1360, The Sharia Law Bill

Dear ILS Members:
The Legislative Committee of the ILS has been working during the current Florida legislative session to prevent the passage of the anti-foreign law bill (as limited to the Family Law arena) (SB 1360). The Florida legislative session ends next week on March 9, 2012, and we very much need your assistance in reaching out to Senators to oppose SB 1360.
SB 1360 is particularly concerning because it has passed through nearly all House and Senate committees and may be voted upon in both chambers imminently. The bill – which some refer to as the “Sharia Law Bill” because anti-Muslim sentiment fueled it – would set a dangerous precedent for future initiatives that aim to prohibit the application of foreign laws in all Florida courts. The Family Law Section (FLS) of the Florida Bar has been leading the charge in opposing the bill with extensive support from the ILS. We believe the bill was limited to the Family Law arena in order to seem more “reasonable.” However, the potential for a dangerous precedent remains and the bill is, as the ILS and FLS agree, unconstitutional on several grounds. As well, SB 1360 is unnecessary because existing law handles when foreign law should apply in Florida family law courts. Moreover, the bill undermines Florida’s image as a leading destination for international trade and tourism.

We ask that you all do the following today: email the Senators listed on the attached PDF list (or their legislative aides) using the Word Doc template provided.
If we all write these Senators, we can make a difference. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

Eduardo Palmer, Richard Dewitt, Carlos Osorio, Regan Kruse, Omar Ibrahem

ILS Legislative Committee

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Amicus Committee Seeking Volunteers

The Amicus Committee is seeking volunteers to assist with legal research and drafting of an amicus curiae brief for submission to the Florida Supreme Court in a case of first impression in Florida. As you may know, in a case calledRaymond James Financial Services, Inc. v. Phillips, the Second District Court of Appeal recently ruled that Florida’s statutes of limitations do not apply to arbitrations unless the arbitration agreement expressly provides for it in the agreement. Volunteering with the Committee would be an excellent opportunity to hone research and writing skills, as well as meet other attorneys involved in the Section. If you are interested in volunteering with the Committee, please contact Committee Chair Raquel A. Rodriguez at

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Pre-Vis Moot Arbitration Competition

Pre-Vis Moot Arbitration Competition

February 25, 2011
Miami, Florida
Read the brocure here.



The Florida Bar seeks practitioners to serve as arbitrator judges for the 2012 VIS PRE-MOOT COMPETITION SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 25, 2012. The goal of the Vis Arbitral Moot is to foster the study of international commercial law and arbitration for resolution of international business disputes through its application to a concrete problem of a client and to train law leaders of tomorrow in methods of alternative dispute resolution.


To volunteer contact Clarissa Rodriguez at: or 305.856.7723.

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Inernational Law Quarterly, Fall 2011

To all members of the International Law Section:

Download your copy of the Fall 2011 issue of the International Law Quarterly special Brazil issue here.

This issue is one of the most auspicious we have ever published. At eighty pages, it is packed with valuable information on one of the world’s strongest economies. Indeed, the authors represent some of the most respected experts in the fields of Brazilian law, trade, business and government. Special thanks go to Section members Quinn Smith and Mauricio Gomm Santos for spearheading this exceptional issue. We believe it is surely worth saving and will become the ultimate reference guide on Brazil for years to come.

On behalf of the International Law Section, we hope you enjoy it.

Alvin F. Lindsay


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Speak to Future Section Members

The University of Florida Levin College of Law is looking for panelists for a discussion on international law to the UF International Law Society. The law students are interested in all topics ranging from international business to human rights. A specific date in the Spring of 2012 is forthcoming. If you have an idea or if you would like to participate in the panel, please contact Magdalena Zalewski, UF Law Student, at

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Opportunities Still Remain at the International Law Quarterly!

• Central America
• Caribbean
• Middle East
• Africa
• India
• Canada
• Australia

Become a Regional Editor for the International Law Quarterly and be the go-to expert on one of these remaining regions!

Beginning this winter, the ILQ’s new regular feature, the “World Roundup,” will quickly update our readers on the most major legal developments from all the most important regions of the world.

As a Regional Editor, you will be responsible for tracking developments and writing short quarterly updates from one to several paragraphs for each region. As such, each Regional Editor will not only have an opportunity to become more closely involved in our flagship publication, but also to become recognized as an expert in their particular region.

If your training, background, or practice qualifies you to report on one of the above regions, let us know by contacting Editor in-Chief, Alvin F. Lindsay, at, with your credentials and regional choice.

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Local Collaborators for International Event Wanted!

The Consejo General de la Abogacía Española is organizing an event in Miami on November 2-3, 2011 showcasing the most well-known and prestigious firms of Spain to the South Florida community. The law firms practice in areas ranging from Real Estate law, Telecommunications law, to Litigation and International Arbitration. If you or your firm is interested in collaborating on the event, please contact Beatriz Marfá-Linley, Embassy of Spain – Trade Commission Cultural Industries Department at

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International Law Quarterly, Summer 2011

You can view and download the Summer 2011 International Law Quarterly by clicking here.