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AfA September Webinar: Export Compliance – The Challenge We All Love To Hate

Peter A. Quinter

Peter Quinter
GrayRobinson, P.A.

Exporting is what we enjoy doing for a living. Dealing with export regulation? Not so much, but complying with the numerous Federal agencies laws, regulations, policies and procedures regarding export controls is what we all need to do.  Freight forwarders, along with their export customers, are constantly being reviewed, investigated, and, occasionally fined or even prosecuted for committing some violation of the EAR or ITAR. Was it the incorrect ECCN, was the license exception invalid, or were the terms and conditions of the export license not properly explained or followed? Should I recommend to my export client to file a Voluntary Self Disclosure (VSD) with BIS or DDTC or OFAC?

These questions and more will be explained and discussed by an internationally recognized expert Peter Quinter who has represented criminal defendants accused of export violations, settled numerous cases with the Office of Chief Counsel for BIS on behalf of individuals and corporations, who has successfully filed numerous VSDs, and who recently traveled to Havana, Cuba. Yes, there is still a trade embargo.

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